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Saturday, July 9, 2011

George Negus is Dumb

George Negus is a charletain. A fraud. A trickster. A phoney.

George promised us that he would not only report the news, but explain the news. He promised us that his new TV show, "6:30 with George Negus", would tell us not just what was happening, but why. Yet, he adds no more value to news reporting or analysis, no further awareness nor deeper understanding of the world, than your average teleprompt-reading news-reader.

So far, George has simply repeated history: on his show he simply tells us what happened, and in a very simple-minded way. He basically just introduces the news item in two sentences and then a pre-recorded clip is played with the "facts" and some footage. After that, George summarises the issue in one simple sentence, usually relating the event to an old adage, cliche or generalisation.

Bottom line: If you want to know why the Middle East is on fire, why it seems to be experiencing a sweeping democratic and political reformation, George is not your man. He doesn't know. All he knows is that something's happening and it's "pretty big".

So what's the go, George? Where's the "why" you promised?

George Negus obviously has no idea what's going on in the world behind the news, or why, just like the Bogans and simple-minded footballers watching him. Perhaps that's the success of his show, which pulls in over 400,000 dumb-arse viewers every night. He appeals to morons because morons can relate to him. Channel Ten is aiming to corner the huge simpleton market, which is why all of its programming is childish, naive and hedonistic.

I can handle that. What I can't abide is being promised something and not getting it.

George Negus is an idiot bogan masquerading as a wise, old true-dinkum Aussie. He offers as much insight to the world as a lost thumb-tack.

Here's our summary of George Negus in the manner that he finishes off his indepth news analysis:

"Well... Seems some people should just stick to what they know."

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