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Sunday, November 27, 2016

You Get the Government You Deserve: The Trump Election

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Well well well.

Never have the terms OMG or WTF been expressed to their full potential until now. Donald Drumpf (his real name is not Trump) is “elected” President of the United States of America. That’s one way to say it, anyway.

We could not let this one go. This singular event is the very Death Star to this Blog's Rebel Alliance.
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A billionaire business man, raised on privilege and inherited capital and connections, driven and developed through greed and other putrid anti-social, anti-democratic caveman mental defecations, is the President of the United States of America.
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A business man shat out of the arse of privilege into the toilet bowl of the landlord sector.

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A business man who has for all his adult life, almost fifty years, known only one way to do the life thing: to make money, to live, to manage people, to solve problems, to view the world, to value the world and to consider humanity.

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A man for whom moral values are not learned or experienced or developed, but for whom are irrelevant.

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In business, what governs behaviour is outcome, not morality. 
There is no deontology versus teleology. The ends do not justify the means; there is no justify, the ends are achieved by the means. Period.
The business morality you observe is a mirage. The man is moral but only because we, with morals, observe and judge the man's behaviour - based on our own morality. That doesn't mean the man has morals we can't judge, that means we have morals and we judge the behaviour of the man in terms of our own morals.
It is therefore merely an assumption that all behaviour is conducted from a moral basis - a sense of right and wrong, good and bad. Some behaviour has no moral basis. In some cases, a man may be amoral. However, that doesn't stop an amoral person from conducting behaviour we find abhorrent and that we should not act on that person against such behaviour. We should and we must.
The business morality is in fact your morality. The business behaviour is purely pragmatic. Business is beyond good and evil. 
All this is not to say that seemingly moral principles or norms are absent from the suite of business mantras. Greed is good, profit is supreme, invest in yourself, everyone and everything has a price, money buys happiness, if you die poor it's your fault.
Any uni student with half a brain can draft a thousand more, if they spend enough time watching billionaire businessmen. These words are not moral axioms. They are simply practical and objective summaries of the relationship between ends and their means.
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Drumpf is not original here. He's done it all, and the same way they all do it. He's bought people, paid regulators off, bribed and favoured politicians, hired and fired, ass-kissed, blown, lied, bullied, swindled, mugged, black-balled and turn-coated. He's achieved the ends through the means.
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What's different is he's become so powerful in his own mind that he has arrogantly stepped out of his world and into another world, a frontier world more alien than anything the complete sci-fi genre could match, the Starship Billionaire Businessman lands on the planet Democracy.
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This leap of realms is akin to that between the Rock Stars and the Hollywood Actors. Different worlds, but one always fantasises about being the other. There's no difference between politicians and businessmen (Google any former politician and see what they're doing now).
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Now we reach the crux of the question:

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How has a billionaire business man, in the sense above, been elected democratic leader, executive power, commander of the armed forces, president of the most politically, economically and militarily powerful sovereign state on earth?


The question slapping us across the face on that day we realised it wasn’t a joke, is “How?”
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Instinctively we balk and think "How does the exact opposite of what every sane human regards to be the ideal leader in a modern democracy, become President?"

Even though we all know how nuts the Yanks are, how the US is already largely corporatized, money mad, has always been heading in the direction of becoming the world’s first nation-state to be governed by a single corporation, we didn’t actually think the population would vote toward that Dystopia!

But they did. And that’s a huge step toward the actual single private company taking over the country. It’s a concept hitherto strictly limited to the unlimited realms of sci-fi fantasy and even then usually requires a violent pre-cursor, an invasion, an insurgency, a rebellion, a coup d’├ętats, a malevolent insidious takeover, NOT a democratic presidential election! 

Over the days that followed "It's not a joke" Day, we divided our "How" question into self-explanatory subordinate "How" questions:
First generally:
How did a billionaire win a democratic election?
How did a moron even stupider than George W Bush get that far and then win?
How did someone get in with everything going against them?
How did someone get that far with so little experience?

How did that particular guy win considering his... his morals, his personality, his character, his everything!?


The fundamental reason we have government (in so far as what would require it to be created in the absence thereof) is that people living together cannot be left alone. People harm other people in any community and that’s why we need rules and rulers.
So even at the most fundamental level, we have government exactly for the very reason to protect us from people like Donald Drumpf!


Victims of this election must ask themselves, belatedly, what am I in for?:

What are Drumpf's inclinations, beliefs, positions, likely behaviours on:
- tax, the direction for the country's wealth, the manufacturing industry, the environment, corruption, gun laws, protection of the vulnerable, poverty, inequality, the labour market, education, opportunity, international relations, regulation, social welfare, public transport, healthcare.
Well let's see. What is the business community's position on these issues? What is the billionaires' position on these issues? What do the country's wealthiest and most privileged think about these issues?


George W Bush we can understand a little. His dad was normal. George Junior was awkward at it, but he was polite, professional and at least gave the appearance of a grown-up. He didn’t flaunt his wealth, privilege or his power. He was fairly stable, although clearly a bit dim, a bit arrogant, a bit privileged, but we can understand why voters voted for him.

Obama was no surprise. On appearance, in the run-up, he was the ideal caring, intelligent, professional dad we all wish we had. Even with a name that rhymed with Osama, being African American and having a Muslim background, the voters saw through it at the man inside and voted for that.

Hiliary is a no-brainer. A successful, smart, powerful woman, with a fragile history in the bedroom just like we all have. She’s the one. The first woman to become US President. No more to be said.

Then this ugly, smart-arse, rich as fuck, wanker pops out of nowhere. This typical dumb-ass, bully money-eater with his stupid buildings, hotels and other crap rich wankers get richer on. He knows nothing about politics, geo-strategic events, world history, humanity. He doesn't care, he doesn't give a flying fuck. He knows business. He knows how to get money, lots of it and fast, and by any means necessary. Now he wants to know how to get his family and friends richer and more powerful, so they can all bask in the glory of conquering planet democracy, shitting on it and becoming its leaders.
Congratulations America, you got the President you deserved.

Anti Trump

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