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Friday, February 3, 2017

Islamism, Bogans and Guns in Australia

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It's not much of a prediction now, as it's already started, but it needs to be published anyway.

Two developments are fast approaching each other head on, like two trains on one track, which will have a metaphorically similar consequence for the subsequent paradigm shift in the Australian way of life.

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1) Those brainlessly cultivating an anti-Muslim anti-Islam mindset will grow quickly in number, and through the bogannic intellectual catalyst of social media, Today Tonight, gossip and hearsay, will for the first time in local history start to organise (read "mob") themselves into active interest groups, enabling many flaccid minded members to summon the courage (best summoned in numbers) to turn their caveman fury into reactive and pre-emptive action against an ill-perceived Muslim threat, either planned or opportunistic. In courser terms, the nation's Bogan white-trash will start attacking Muslims.

Image result for Sneak peek: The trailer for Australian dark comedy Down Under, based on Sydney's Cronulla Riots of 2005, has been released

2) Concurrent to the development above, a strategic shift in crime across Australia, caused by a burgeoning awareness that there are no police anywhere and nothing to stop anyone doing anything they want anytime they want, will cause a logarithmic rise in new and violent crimes and an equally shocking strategic shift in how the general public react to this and all perceived threats of violence against them, namely in pre-emptive acts of self-defence in collaboration with the black arms market. In cruder terms: Aussies will start keeping guns in their homes and family cars for self-defence.

The confluence of both strategically shocking developments will unveil a monumental merger and thereby commence the first phase of the violent transformation of the Australian way of life.

No more, she'll be right mate. She most definitely won't be right mate. No more laid back attitude. Just laid out. No more dinky die. Dinky's gone, it's just die.

Prevention is better, and cheaper, than the cure. We all know it. So let's try that?

Only the Government has the responsibility and authority to achieve efforts toward effective prevention of this merger, or at least slow it down perhaps in time for more rational generations to resolve.

Unfortunately, responsibility and authority are just words without will. And before will there must be understanding. So yes, we're all fucked two steps before we start.

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All is not lost.

Stepping into the willing position will be private citizens. First they will appear as vigilantes and later under guise of the Private Military/Security Industry.

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When the police, the justice system and the government fail to meet the basic needs of the people, the people will step in.

Armed Civilians

Good luck everyone.

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