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Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Police are NOT on Your Side

The Police are not here to help you.

The Police will not protect you.

The Police do not prevent crime.

The Police are neither willing nor able to protect you.

The Police do not deter crime.


Because they are scared of the bad guys.

Because the laws prevent them from protecting you.

Oh shit! Really?


Just pay a closer attention to police and crime happening around you and in the news.

The evidence speaks for itself.

Where are the Police? Have you seen any today?

The Police are not on your side. They are gutless wimps with no power for good.

They protect the bad guys and harass the innocent.

The Police think you travelling at 68 kph instead of 60 kph in an empty safe stretch of road is more important than threats against yourself, your family or your property.

The Police do not patrol your streets.

If you see them, it's because they are on their way somewhere useless.

The Police do not walk the beat in your streets.

If the Police see violent criminals threatening you, they will run the other way.

You think the Police are on your side, protecting us, out their looking for criminals, because you assume they are.

You believe without question the myth that the Police are good and they protect us.

That is a myth. Look closer.

You and I are alone.

We have to protect ourselves.

The bad guys are coming.

The Police don't care.

You and I will have to defend our families by ourselves.

Before we can take whatever meagre measures we can to prevent the bad guys attacking or harming us, the Police will be there to pull down our defences.

After we defend ourselves from the bad guys, the Police will be there to punish us.

The Police will not be there when you and I are attacked.

They will turn up afterwards.

They will turn us into suspects and then leave.

The Police are too scared and too impotent legally to do what it is you think they do.

Wake up and make yourself aware of the reality. Study the Police today.

Look more closely.

Forewarned is forearmed.

...but hurry.

A new age and higher level of bad guy is coming.

It used to be holiday burglaries, car park car theft, ATM muggings, brawls.

Then it escalated...

Car jackings, home invasions, king hitting, road rage.

That's nothing.

Once the bad guys make the same realisation about the myth of the Police...

Once the bad guys know the Police are not there to protect you, are nowhere to be seen...

The bad guys will come to you, any time of day they want, and they will do any thing they want.

Not just theft.

Not just a quick bash.

Not just a hurried rape.

This time... knowing the Police are nowhere, and the Police are impotent...

The bad guys out there will take there time.

They will act out their fantasies.

They will re-enact those scenes in those movies.

They will have some real fun.

You've been warned.

We suggest you consider all this quickly, and then prepare yourselves.

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